What are Wildflower Cases?

Wildflower cases are beautiful phone cases designed by Michelle Carlson, made just for iPhones!

Launched on January of 2013, Wildflower cases have made many appearances in the media, including the 2014 Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet!

Do Wildflower Cases protect my iPhone?

Yes, Wildflower cases have a durable outer sandblasted polyurethane black rubber bumper which will protect the iPhone from any impact on its sides and a raised bumper in front of the iPhone which will help protect the screen.

Are Wildflower Cases only for iPhones?

Yes, unfortunately, these beautiful Wildflower cases are currently only designed for iPhones.

How will I receive my Wildflower Cases?

All Wildflower Cases will be delivered with a registered tracking delivery option. All Singapore orders will be delivered using SingPost. You will receive your tracking code via email notification.

Where do we ship?

We ship worldwide! Queen Jupiter is based in Singapore but we ship throughout Asia and worldwide, including the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia.

How can I protect and care for my Wildflower Case?

Each Wildflower Case is hand made and needs to be treated as a piece of fine artwork or jewelry.

We use quality materials to deliver a truly one-of-a-kind studded iPhone case and that said, Wildflower cases are not for rugged use.

In order to keep your Wildflower case looking cute, colorful and clean PLEASE follow the case care recommendations:

  • ALWAYS keep your Wildflower case away from any liquids, at all times.
  • Constant moisture or sweat from your hands may cause stud colors to fade faster.
  • Constant exposure to sun and heat may increase overall wear and discoloration to the case.
  • If your case is near chlorine pool water or ocean water it may increase color fading on studs also.
  • Any contact with soda, juices or other liquids will damage the case.
  • Place your case down “studs up” when you’re not holding your phone to avoid scratching the studs.

Every Wildflower case will have normal wear over time.We highly recommend using a gentle tarnish remover/cleaner (TarnX) to polish your studs.Please read the instructions on tarnish cleaner bottle before use.However, tarnish cleaner will not bring back color in the studs if its worn off.Any direct contact to a liquid will cause immediate damage and potentially destroy the case.That would make you and us sad.Please take care of your Wildflower case as much as we took care in making it.Thank you for all the #wildflowerlove!

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